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Certificate in Enterprise - FAQ's

How do I get going straight away?

Click the green enrol button below. All we need is your Username and Password to get started. For certification purposes, you will be asked for some personal details later.
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What is the cost of the online training?

The Certificate in Enterprise requires a once-off cost of £499. This is payable via Visa, Master or American Express cards. This fee covers the following:
• Access to the online AeL training portal; and
• Hard copy version of the Learner Guides and supporting documents;
• E mail and Skype support from our experienced entrepreneurs; and
• Certification, after successful completion, upon external moderation by ILM.
Should you prefer to pay over 6 months, this can be arranged. Please use the enquiry form to request payment terms.

What accredited training programmes does Advanced e Learning offer?

The Certificate in Enterprise, is our first online offering – and we are proud of that! This online based programme is accredited and fully endorsed by ILM (Institute of Leadership Management). We are developing other online programmes, so please bookmark this page for future reference and self-development.

Who is the course designed for?

This Certificate in Enterprise is ideal for anyone considering setting up a business. Learners will explore the implications of working for themselves and start planning and preparing for the practical and personal challenges of launching their new business.

What skills will I gain from the online programme?

The online programme, endorsed by ILM, ensures you exit with the following outcomes:
• Understand the process of setting up a business or self-employment;
• Know the legal and regulatory requirements;
• Get to grips with the financial aspects of starting your business
• Tools and techniques for developing your business idea; and
• Create a professional business plan you can use to attract start-up funding for your new idea.

What units (topics) are covered in the Certificate in Enterprise?

In order for you to meet the exiting outcomes of the programme, you will be required to successfully complete the following units (topics):

How long will the programme take to complete?

The pace at which you undertake the programme is entirely your own choice! We recommend that the programme should take you between 3 to 6 months to complete. We do however recommend you complete the programme within 12 months. During this time period you will receive our full support!

Will I have to do tests or assessments / assignments?

Yes. In order to be certified in the Certificate in Enterprise, we, as an accredited training provider are required to present the quality assuring body (ILM) with evidence of your competency. We will do this in two ways:
• Provide you with online self-assessments in the form of multiple choice questions. There are typically 15 per unit and are easy if you have gone through the Learner Guide and watched the online videos.
• You will be required to submit (upload) a practical assessment / assignment.
This will be marked by a subject matter expert. You will need to achieve a minimum of 50% in order to be declared competent in the unit (topic). Do not panic, these are all designed to have you exit with the necessary knowledge and skills to run your own business.

What level of training am I signing up for?

The level of training you will be undertaking is GCSE level. You could say that this programme is designed for Start-up entrepreneurs.

What support can I expect to receive from the online programme?

This is what differentiates AeL from the rest! You can expect to receive expert advice and support from entrepreneurs who have also started businesses of their own. They will guide and mentor you in the following ways:
• Skype or similar online meeting platforms, either one-on-one or in groups of Learners;
• Via e mail, WhatsUp or similar chat sessions with other entrepreneurs; and
• Periodic face-to-face workshops in an area near you. Dates of these will be confirmed.

About the author of this website

Graham Ward, was awarded his doctorate by the Nelson Mandela University in December 2017, based on his study titled: “A development training support model for entrepreneurs in South Africa”. His thesis revealed the following significant findings regarding the development of South African as well as Global entrepreneurs:
• Socio-emotional attributes (risk-taking, opportunity seeking, creative problem solving etc.) have a significant positive contribution towards the development of entrepreneurs;
• Mentorship is essential to empowering and ensuring the success of start-up entrepreneurs; and
• Access to Start-up finance is a distinctive barrier to many entrepreneurs.
Dr. Ward is dedicated to assisting and mentoring start-up entrepreneurs. He is currently writing a book, together with his doctoral supervisor, Professor Chris Adendorff, with the aim of creating a model to improving entrepreneurship mentoring. The author resides primarily with his wife and two children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His motto is: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?”

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What device can I use to access the online programme?

We have designed the online programme primarily for desktop / Laptop users, however the web portal will work equally well with a mobile phone.

Will I receive a certificate once I have completed the programme?

Absolutely! Once you have been found competent in all the units (topics), AeL will call for an external moderation from ILM. Once they agree that the evidence provided by you is authentic, sufficient, valid and current, they will generate your certificate. Once we receive the certificate, we will post this to you right away!

Can I get the Learner Guides in hard copy?

All the hard copy Learning materials will be sent to you via courier. You can expect receipt within 14 working days. If you are anything like us, there is nothing like the hard copy in your hands!

What resources can I expect to receive once I have enrolled?

Aside from the electronic support (Skype / e mail) that you will receive from our mentors, you will have the following resources at your disposal, which can be downloaded:
• Learner Guides. These contain the information relating to the unit or topic;
• Online videos explaining the units (topics); and
• Powerpoint Presentations which can reviewed any time you wish.

Where can I go if I have a complaint, suggestion or compliment?

We really hope that you have more compliments and suggestions rather than complaints. However, we are human and prone to error, so if you need to lodge a complaint (or make a suggestion), you can e mail

What will AeL do with the personal details I provide when enrolling?

We are required to register your details with ILM, so that they are aware you are formally enrolled onto the programme. Other than that, we will NOT share any of your details with third parties!

What are my rights as a Learner enrolling onto the online programme?

AeL is all about protecting your rights as a Learner and most importantly a favoured “customer” of ours. If you feel you have been unjustly treated or assessed, please make use of your right to appeal. See our Terms and Conditions for the process.

What would be considered immoral or unethical of me as a Learner?

At AeL, we expect that any work you submit to us for assessment is your authentic work and not that of anyone else’s. We frown heavily upon plagiarism, so ensure you provide references of another person’s work, if you are referring to it.

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who identifies an opportunity and makes use of available resources to capitalise on the idea and make a profit. Not everyone is “wired” to be an entrepreneur. It requires tenacity and a will to survive. If you are not a quitter and have faith in your abilities, then this route is for you! However, if you are still unsure whether you are one or not, there are some good websites which allow you to test your entrepreneurial attributes – but remember “fortune favours the bold”!

What engine powers Advanced e Learning?

The online portal is an adaptation of our successful sister company Award Training, which has its origins in Port Elizabeth South-Africa. The assessment strategies and format are based on proven systems which are currently being used in South-Africa. Dr. Graham Ward and Mrs Monique Ward are the proud shareholders of Award Training.